Welcome to the Second Quarter of 2024!Dear Esteemed Clients,As the Creative Director of Ike Choice Couture,I, Bolaji Ayeni, am thrilled to usher you into the vibrant second quarter of the year. May marks the advent of brighter days, and with a sprinkle of luck, we’ll bask in the glory of sunny skies.This season, prepare to be dazzled by our **exclusive new collections** of fabrics, reflecting the bold and bright colors that define this time of the year. Our palette is a thoughtful blend of **softer tones** like stone and sage, which provide a canvas of tranquility. For those who dare to stand out, we offer the passionate hues of red, wine, and burgundy – the choice is yours.Spring is a time of renewal, and what better way to greet it than by embracing its essence with colors like **powder blue**, **pale pink**, and **soft lemon**? These shades pair impeccably with wardrobe staples, ensuring a seamless transition into the season’s exuberance.Our collection wouldn’t be complete without the timeless elegance of **black** and **tan**, as well as the subtle luxury of **soft champagne gold**. When touched by brightness, these classics ascend to new heights, promising to make you fall head over heels in love with your wardrobe all over again.Stay tuned for our upcoming showcases, where these colors will come to life in designs that are as unique as you are.Warm regards,Bolaji AyeniCreative Director, Ike Choice Couture

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